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Thoughts from the Instructor Bike

Thoughts from the Instructor Bike – Which Train Am I Riding Today?


I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years, I still can’t tell which train I’m getting on each morning.

Some days it’s Bruce’s:

Some days it’s Ozzy’s:


Thoughts From the Instructor Bike – The Critiquer

bubble-2You know the type; this is the rider who after EVERY class quietly, almost stealthfully, navigates their way to the instructor bike and starts every class critique by saying “That was a great class!”, then pauses for a few seconds and says “But” or “Have you ever considered” or “You should try…” or “why did you…?”.

The first few times this happens you’re happy to engage, but as you realize this is going to be an EVERY class occurrence, you start to despise this person. I’m all for constructive criticism and suggestions, but it becomes exhausting having to defend or explain your training philosophy, music choices and cueing to the same person after EVERY class.

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