ICIPro As I begin preparation for my third IHRSA as a Stages Master Educator, I can’t help but think back to the ICI/Pro Podcast that started it all.  I’ll never forget the one line e-mail I received from John Macgowan.  He simply asked, “Why are we not working together?”  That one e-mail changed my life.  John gave me a forum to share my ideas and philosophies about indoor cycling and helped me get “discovered” by the team at Stages Indoor Cycling. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share some of my favorite posts from the http://www.indoorcycleinstructor.com website.

ICI/PRO Podcast 287 A Little Bit of Everything Audio Class PROfile

PictureDennis ironman Instructor Dennis Mellon presents his A little Bit of Everything profile as our 60th Audio Class PROfile! What has me most excited is Dennis has included a Harmonically Mixed playlist he created with Mixed In Key software on his Mac. Dennis exemplifies exactly what I refer to when I say; “we provide a platform for smart, talented Instructors here at ICI/PRO!” It brings me huge pleasure to discover and then promote Instructors to our members around the world + produce their class profiles for your enjoyment. We’re convinced these profiles, from a real diversity of contributors, with help you grow as an Instructor and then keep your class filled with energetic and excited riders! This new Audio Class PROfile will make an awesome addition to your rotation of class profiles.
Ride Profile: “A Little Bit of Everything”. This is my “Go To” profile.  This workout, like the title says, is a little bit of everything. Riders will work on all energy systems and all types of riding.  At some point in this workout every rider will work on both their strengths and weaknesses.  The ride will start with a warm-up followed by a Threshold Check.  The first set will be a longer “around threshold” ride.  In the second set riders will perform three, 2-3 minute, “above threshold” intervals.  The Third Set is a sustained “Race” effort.  The workout will conclude with three 1 minute max efforts.
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