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Dennis Mellon

Some Queen Remixes

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Pam Benchley & Dennis Mellon Master Class – Boys vs Girls Through the Decades

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Dennis Mellon FTP Video 1

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Dennis Mellon Master Class for Dec 2018

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Best Cover Songs vol 1

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Dennis Mellon Master Class for Dec 2018

Queen at Live Aid – The Greatest 20 Minutes in Rock History

Many consider this the greatest 20 minute live performance of all time.


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Greatest Performances of all Time for the 4:00pm Roadless Ride Class with Pam Benchley

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On Friday October 12th, Pam Benchley and I well be riding to this video at the Roadless Ride to benefit the kids at Brent’s Place.  #RideWithUs.  You can reserver your spot HERE.


Sing-Along Mix for the 3:00pm Roadless Ride Class with Pam Benchley


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2018 Roadless Ride to Benefit Brent’s Place

On October 12th I will once again be participating in The Roadless Ride to benefit Brent’s Place. Brent’s Place is a living facility for families with children who are receiving treatments for cancer, bone marrow or organ transplants in the Denver area. Brent’s Place provides a pristine living environment for children who’s immune systems are severely compromised due to these treatments or surgeries. The Roadless Ride is a fundraiser held annually at Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club that consists of 12 one hour Indoor Cycling classes where participants make a donation to ride in each class.

I have been involved with this event since it’s inception, at Greenwood. I was also the first rider to ever complete all 12 classes, what we call the Roadless Century. Since my first solo Century ride, the group of fundraisers attempting this 12-hour cycling journey has grown to and is now limited to 30. We like to “Pedal Hard for a Good Cause” and the camaraderie that is felt by this group throughout the day, knowing we are doing something special for kids and their families with cancer, is something words cannot describe. Over the last five years my sons, Seth and Christian have joined me for this experience and when I think about what we are riding for I realized how blessed I am to have two healthy children that are capable and willing to join me for this event.

If you happen to be in the Denver area on October 12th, please join me and some of the most generous people in the community for this ride. We often raise over $100,000 for the families of Brent’s Place. Not only will I be riding all 12 classes I will also be leading the 8:00am, 3:00pm and 4:00pm classes. If you cannot make my class, ride with one of the other instructors who prepare for this event for months and often present their best class on this special day. If you cannot join me in Denver, then please donate to our cause by following the link below.

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