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What’s Sugar Got To Do With Binges?


We’ve finally moved past fat-phobia, and it’s now common knowledge that sugar is bad news. Because of that, I’ve noticed people no longer seem interested in sugar as a topic.

But obesity is epidemic, so it is worth looking at eating triggers.

Sugar is definitely an eating trigger – and not just for more sugar, although that does happen. It can make us want to eat more food in general, and that’s obviously not good.

In fact, sugar may trigger full-scale binge eating episodes.

This post is not about binge-eating disorder, detailed in the DSM-5. Instead, it’s about binge eating, which can, and does, occur without the frequency or emotional aspects of the disorder. This post will focus on binges that involve eating large amounts of food, even when not hungry.

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WATTS TO KJS TO KCALS by Cameron Chinatti



Whether you’re riding indoors or outdoors, cumulative cycling efforts are often measured in kJs (kilojoules). For example, at the end of a Stages Indoor Cycling workout you’ll see total kJs on the Stages Power Console on the RESULTS screen. After a ride outdoors on your bike, you may also see total kJ’s on your cycling head unit. So, what is a kJ and why should you care? We’re glad you asked!

Let’s start at the beginning. We’ll explain this KJ thing in terms of a workout on the SC3 Stages Indoor Bike and Stages Power Console. Basic mathematics comin’ atcha, consider yourselves warned.

What is a Watt?

A watt is a standard international unit of power. More often than not it is represented in horsepower. In fact, 1 horsepower = 746 watts. Try to generate 700+ watts. It’s a fun experiment and rather quickly you will realize that yes it’s true, a horse is more powerful than you.

The Stages Power Meter and Console will measure and display the user’s power output in watts. To get this wattage we need movement (RPMs) and force. On the Stages bike, force is measured when the rider steps down on the pedal. As you turn the resistance dial to the right you have to work harder to step down on the pedals, thus more force is generated.

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